TMS Progressive 06 | Box | Stringing Machine

TMS Progressive 06 | BOX

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The TMS Progressive 06 | BOX has (6) six-point mounting system (The highest in the machine market), which eliminates any possibility of racquet distortion. It's the most popular stringing machine among south american circuit players. The TMS Progressive 06 | BOX includes (2) two flying clamps, handling any type of tennis racquets.

- Paula Ormaechea (WTA 59) stringing with TMS Progressive 06 -

The TMS Progressive 06 | BOX redefines portable stringing machines. The TMS - Tension Manual System is an unique tensioning mechanism in portable stringers. A simple tensioning movement does tension your string quickly and efficiently. The tension is selected through the pounds scale (Tension range from 10 to 80 pounds).

- How it works | Tension Manual System -

The TMS Progressive 06 | BOX came to raise the quality of portable stringers. It's construction with high quality materials, provides incredible performance in your stringing task. The machine is very solid and weighs only 6,0 kg (approximately 13 pounds). It's very easy to transport and storage.

#TMStringer offers 1 year full warranty and lifetime limited warranty.