Founded in 2008, #TMStringer is quickly becoming one of the largest stringer manufacturers of the world. Headquartered in Novo Hamburgo/RS, Brazil, all stringing machines are dispatched from our warehouse.

#TMStringer redefines portable stringing machines. The TMS - Tension Manual System is an unique tensioning mechanism in portable stringers. A simple tensioning movement does tension your string quickly and efficiently.

#TMStringer came to raise the quality of portable stringers. It's construction with high quality materials, provides incredible performance in your stringing task. Our portable stringers are the most popular among south american circuit players.

#TMStringer offers 1 year full warranty and lifetime limited warranty.


#TMStringer | Contact Us

Email: info@tmstringer.com

Phone number: +55 (51) 3582.8660

WhatsApp number: +55 (51) 99102.1677

Open by: Monday through Friday between 9am BRT and 6:30pm BRT

Address: Rua Carlos Germano Burckle, 25 - Bairro Ideal
City: Novo Hamburgo
State: Rio Grande do Sul
Postal Code: 93334-150
Country: Brazil